Tvuna Marketing – Research Ltd.  is a unique marketing research agency  which has focused on the  VOC  (Voice of the Customer)
field for over a decade.
Tvuna Marketing is headed by Amir Flint-Goor  (Owner & CEO).  Amir is a market  researcher and consultant for  various companies
and is also a lecturer on the subject of Marketing in MBA programs.

 Tvuna Marketing is  a full-range  agency that  offers its clients a  state-of-the-art propriety  BI system (TRS),  as long as all the stages
(of quantitative research (data collection and anal.

 Among Tvuna Marketing’s clients  are leading companies and  organizations in the Israeli market,  representing a variety  of sectors
(B2B / B2C).

At Tvuna Marketing,  we believe in delivering information that will provide operative tools for managers and  will not just end up as
- shelved data.  Therefore, we are committed to providing our clients with practical data that is suitable for managerial decision
and based on:

- State-of-the-art analyses using the most advanced methodologies.

- A commitment to providing professional added-values based on our vast expertise.

- Unique combination of academic knowledge and practical experience.

- An exceptional level of service that is further enhanced by an in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs.

Tvuna Marketing offers its clients a complete service,  including all the stages of  quantitative research and an advanced  BI system
created by our professionals. The company’s accumulated experience has enabled us to develop a unique and innovative tool that
is currently  used by  most of our  clients.  The TRS  system  is a one-of-a-kind  product,  an advanced technique  for gathering data
CATI/CAWI) and reporting which can be adjusted to the specific needs of each organization).

Tvuna  Marketing  employs   60  professionals,  including  analysts,  software  and  development,  support  staff,  and  interviewers.
The company’s HQ  is located in Ramat Hasharon and its  fully-modernized  tele-interview  center is in Kiryat Shmona.  This unique
location guarantees exceptionally experienced and well-trained interviewers.